jueves, 28 de abril de 2016


Hello everybody!

Assesing is one  of the most important things of the learning process. It is key that students know how is growing their knowledge and, in this way, they learn from mistakes.

This time I have created the rubric for my e-project! For this task, I used "Quick rubric". I found this tool very useful and interesting because I didn't know this way to assess students. Its handle is incredible and you can create your rubrics very quickly. Students will be able see their progress in a very easy way!

My rubric consists on weighing levels which are: excellent (3 points), good (2 points) and poor (1point); and features to evaluate which are: Content, use of multimedia tools, dissemination, creativity, attractiveness, team work and e-portfolio.

Concerning to the challenge, I condider rubrics as one of the most useful tools to assess students.
Sometimes, students complain that their papers are graded unfairly. They don't understand why they receive the grades they do, and that produces an impact in the relationship teacher&student and produces lack of motivation. A rubric takes away most problems like these. With a rubric, students have a clear list of where they lost points on a project, so they don't have to wonder how they got the grade they did. In addition, in my future labour as a teacher, I will like my students to be active learners, as well as content creators and assessors. By doing a rubric to asses any peer´s work, I hope they can get a lot more out of the classroom experience.

Here is my rubric! Hope you find it useful and interesting!

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