domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016


Hello everyone again!

Here is my mind map about my learning process through CLIL. In spite of chencking many tools in the Playpen to do the task, finally I chose to create  my PLN and PLE. It is a very useful tool that can help to organize the ideas and offer an incredible quantity of resources and templates. If you can imagine an unsual shape for your diagram, you will be able to get it with this tool for sure!

During all my learning process in CLIL I have to highlight this two final years. Firstly, I learnt a clear notion and many concepts in the last year of my Degree, since I chose the "Mención" of English. And secondly, due to my enrollmen in this Master's Degree in Bilingual Education, I have had the opportunity to reinforce many concepts and learn new ones. Moreover, I would like to give substance to my trainy course periods that they have had a great influence in my opinion of this new methodology.

Finally, I would like to continue learning things about CLIL and finding out new tools and resources to develop my mind plan year after year. I hope my diagram duplicates its size in a few years because learning is a continue process that never stops.

I hope you like it. Here is the link:


Hello everyone again!

My second post is dedicated to my learning in Twitter's world! CLIL will be the topic in which will orbit my learning by Twittering.

In spite of having a Twitter account for  5 years now, I have found out other many resources and advantages of this application. As I used it for my personal use, I didn't know the quantity of educational profiles whom I can learn so many things for my future labour of teacher.

Twitter is one the most important tools to find out very useful information and new methologies, solve doubts or even meet new people who can help you to improve as a teacher!

Here is one of the tweets that I have written. My first tweet about what CLIL means for me. The first one of many!

I hope you find it useful!

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Hello everyone! Here is my presentation about myself.

A 3,2,1 introduction is a new way to know new things and find out interesting information  about somenone in three clear steps. The key is to tell 3 things that people should know about you, then share two of your passions or favs at least and finally tell what would be your dream job if you weren't what you are in this moment.

I chose this tool (PowToon) to create my introduction because it provides many resources and possibilities to work in the video. Animations, images, or transitions are fantastic! Moreover, it's full of details and you can express whatever you want, even different moods!

Initially, I thought that it was a bit complicated to work with it but once I practised, I could see the high handling of the application. Moreover, it's very useful because of the quantity of things that you can do with it. The wide variety of templates allows us to use this tool in many different contexts.

In addition, creating this video has been very rewarding for me because I'm not used to use this kind of resources but I have to say that it was very funny and educational. I hope to continue exploring this new world!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!