viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016


Hello everybody!

After learning to evaluate the my colleagues's e-book about animals, I decided to create my own e-project. In this case, it's about "The Hydrosphere". Why did I chose this topic? I thought that this topic had a lot of possibilites to develop. In addition, the vocabulary, processes and features of the hydrosphere are key in the curriculum of Primary Education. Moreover, I can use many different resources and applications to work the contents, hence I think it's a very rich topic in learning.

Regarding to the creation of my prototype videoclip, I used Pow Toon because, in my opinion, it's one the most useful tools to record a videoclip for children. It's very visual and easy to handle. Moreover, it offers a great quantity of templates with many images, animations, shapes...etc. I have tried to be as concise as possible to attract better the client attention.

I hope you like and find it useful! 

Best regards!

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