martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


What are the most important tasks for being a teacher?

In my opinion, being in contact with new materials and resources is one of them, for sure! Nowadays, there are many tools that allow us to collect this kind of information and knowledge easily. We have to take into account that if we take advantaje of them, we will have a long road travelled!

Pinterest is one of the most useful tools is the teaching-learning world. Thanks to it we can be soaked of knowlege and know many new methodologies and resources. Whatever resources that you want to find out or investigate, it will be on Pinterest. It is one of the biggest banks of common knowledge online and a fantastic way to share with other people your concerns, projects, works, articles or web sites. I recommend you if you want to be a good teaching professional!

Here is the link of our board, made by Master's in Bilingual Education's students, called Open CLIL:

And here are my first six pins shared in the board!:

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You will find out many useful resources! Have a look at it!

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