martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


 Before starting this entry I would like to answer two questions that I consider to be key for the understanding of the property sense.

- What do my license allow others to do with my CLIL e-materials?
I used this licence because I found it very useful to share and use material and information. In addition it has many possibilities for restrictions.
My lincence allows others to use my information or different contents created by me with the condition of  naming me. Moreover, people are not allowed to use the material for commercial purposes. I have not additional restrictions, so everybody will be able to use or share the material if they follow this two points.

- What are good ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly?
Students have to know what is the creativity. Creativity belongs to each of us, that's why is extremely important protect our creations or ideas. Students have to learn to attribute properly because it's a fair way to learn.

You can check below of my blog the creatice common licence chosen. Have a look a it!

Anyway, here is the link

                             Resultado de imagen de Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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